Differences from Other Schools

AOJ Language School introduces the unique charms that other Japanese language schools do not have.

Here are five main attractive features of AOJ Language School when compared to other schools:

  1. Curriculum based on accumulated know-how
  2. Attain Corporation, which operates Japanese language schools, has accumulated know-how in improving Japanese language skills through more than 10 years of e-learning course production for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). The curriculum, based on this expertise, is designed to be able to start from any level, and even beginners can reach JLPT N2 level in as short as 2 years. Group lessons are organized as one semester, which is 6 months, and it is possible to level up every half-year.

  3. Unique initiative: "Full Support to Pass JLPT N2"
  4. AOJ Language School has a unique initiative called “Full Support to Pass JLPT N2” system. Even if students cannot reach N2 level within 2 years of enrollment, they can continue their studies by paying a small enrollment continuation fee. The maximum for full support period is up to 3 years.

  5. Classes taught by instructors with Japanese language teaching qualifications
  6. In online classes, even those who do not have Japanese language teaching qualifications or experience can teach. However, the instructors employed by AOJ Language School must meet one of the following conditions:
    ・Major or minor in Japanese language education at university.
    ・Graduated from university and completed a 420-hour Japanese language teacher training course.
    ・Passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test.
    In addition, there are Japanese language teachers who have various hobbies, skills, overseas living experiences, and experience in learning other languages. It is possible to provide learning that caters to the interests and requests of Japanese language learners, beyond just language learning.

  7. Flipped learning method with 24-hour video lessons and live lessons twice a week
  8. At AOJ Language School, you can preview and review Japanese language lessons through videos. The videos are available not only in English but also in Chinese and Vietnamese, and more languages will be added in the future. In addition, in the live lessons held twice a week, students can practice what they have learned through video lessons in a practical way and ask questions to the instructors.

  9. Detailed and thorough feedback
  10. Students can ask questions to the instructors anytime using the question form and messaging feature of AOJ E-CAMPSU. In addition, careful feedback will be provided for submitted assignments. The feedback aims to help students understand their strengths and weaknesses, and support their continuous improvement.

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