What is Attain Online Japanese Language School?

Attain Online Japanese Language School is a Japanese language school where you can study online.
Live and Video lesson learning gives you access to high quality Japanese learning from anywhere in the world.


  1. Attain Online Japanese Language School is a Japanese language school where you can study online. Live and Video Lesson learning gives you access to high quality Japanese learning from anywhere in the world.
  2. Full support to pass JLPT N2. Even if you start learning as a beginner, you can acquire JLPT N2 level Japanese in a minimum of 2 years. AOJ will fully support your learning Japanese until you pass JLPT N2.
  3. Live Lessons by talented teachers who are qualified as Japanese instructors will make learning Japanese more fun and engaging.
  4. Group lesson is in in small group. You can participate in classes anywhere with the internet connection. You can access the recorded lessons even if you are absent.
  5. It is a place where you can meet Japanese learners from all over the world. You can also exchange different cultures through learning Japanese.
  6. It supports all Japanese levels. You can choose the level of Japanese class that suits you.
  7. AOJ Language School provides high quality Japanese learning to those who want to learn Japanese all over the world. We do not require an admission fee to make it easier for you to continue studying and you can choose to pay the tuition fee monthly.
  8. We have a consultation desk to support for studying and working in Japan.
  9. We also offer private lessons where you can study one-on-one with a teacher. You can set your own schedule and curriculum.
    Unlike group lessons, use of this service is on a ticket basis, and registration is available year-round.

Opening class

The following classes are planned. Click here for details.
class level term Time of opening
i-class (Beginner Class) Basic Class for beginners and JLPT N5 6 months April and October every year
ro-class (Elementary Class) Basic Class for JLPT N4 Level 6 months April and October every year
ha-class (Intermediate Class) Basic Class for JLPT N3 Level 6 months April and October every year
ni-class (Upper Intermediate Class) Basic Class for JLPT N2 Level 6 months April and October every year
ho-class (Advanced Class) Basic Class for JLPT N1 Level 6 months April and October every year
*Depending on the viewing device, the table may be scrolled horizontally.
*New class opening may be available earlier depending on the application numbers.
*Group lessons are held starting from April and October every year. There are two semesters, a spring semester and an autumn semester.
*Admission may be possible from the middle of the semester depending on the results of the level check test and the availability of classes.

About languages of the learning materials

The learning materials are currently available in English, Chinese, and Vietnamese.
(We will continue to add more languages.)

Japanese Private Lesson Information

Private lessons are a service that allows students to take one-on-one lessons with a Japanese language instructor.
The content of the lesson can be flexible to meet the individual needs of the student, such as JLPT preparation, conversation practice, or specializing in a specialized field of Japanese language.
Lessons are also offered on a ticket basis, with each ticket providing 45 minutes of instruction. The class schedule is transferable, so there is no need to worry about sudden schedule changes.


Prof. Hajime Takamizawa
Present post
PhD - Josai International University Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences
Visiting Professor – Otemae University, Dalian Jiaotong University, Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages, Shenyang University
President – International Educational Development Association – Nonprofit Organization
Chairman – Applied Japanese Language Education Association
  • Graduated from the Department of Political Science and Economics at Gakushuin University
  • Chief Advisor of the United States Department of State Foreign Service Institute Japanese Language and Area Training Center
  • Professor at the Undergraduate and Graduate School of the Department of Japanese Language and Literature at Showa Women’s University
  • Director of the Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language
  • Chairman of the oral-exam committee for the Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO) Business Japanese Examination.
  • Project member of the Japan Foundation
Published Works
Business Japanese I (Boujinsha)
Business Japanese II (Globule)
New Foreign Language Rules and Japanese Education (ALC)
Office Japanese (ALC)
How to Teach Business Japanese (ALC)
“Office Japanese”(Outside research – Beijing, China)
“A New Introduction to Japanese Education 2:An Introduction to Japanese Teaching Methods”(Ask Books)
“Standard Japanese Business Conversation 1, 2”
(Outside research – Beijing, China)
Others: Pedagogy related books and textbooks
Translation Work
学習院大学政経学部経済学科 『世界の言語教授・指導法』(監訳) 東京書籍 <原典>
“Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching”
(second Edition) by Jack C. Richards and Theodore S. Rogers Cambridge University Press 2001