School Life & Support System

Learning Japanese online is not the only attraction of Attain Online Japanese Language School.
We support your learning of Japanese and what you want to achieve by making use of Japanese language.

A day of our student life

This page Introduces how to spend the day as our AOJ Language School students from all over the world.

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Student Voices

We interviewed students studying Japanese at AOJ Language School about their actual school life.

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Japanese culture exchange lesson

In this lesson, we will talk about Japanese culture every month, and you will enjoy cross-border exchanges with your classmates who are learning Japanese. There are various topics such as seasonal events in Japan and Japanese songs.

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Full Support to pass JLPT N2

Attain Online Japanese Language School supports all students to pass N2. Even if you have been enrolled in AOJ for 2 years and still do not pass N2, you can continue to study Japanese at AOJ Language School for up to another 3 years (5 years in total). If you have paid the tuition fees for two years, you can continue taking our courses by only paying the enrollment continuation fee.

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Support for studying in Japan

For those who wish to go on to a Japanese university, we also provide support for studying in Japan.

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Support for working in Japan

For those who wish to find a job in Japan by making use of the Japanese language they have learned, we will provide support for working in Japan. AOJ Language School is operated by a Japanese company, which is rare in Japanese language schools. We can provide you the employment support from a corporate perspective.

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