🎉 Let’s make a Japanese New Year Card🎉 10:00&18:30 December 27 Japan time ★Free Participation 🎉 日本の年賀状を作りましょう🎉 日本時間12月27日 10:00&18:30★自由参加★

by 運営 AOJ e-campus -

Dear Students,

 We invite you to join us in speaking Japanese together, making a Japanese New Year Card sharing your country's New Year card, and toasting to the New Year! We will also have a virtual drinking party after making the new year card.



📅 Date: December 27, 2023

Time:  10:00 am – 10:45 am

18:30 pm – 19:15 pm

🌐 Please access to the communication room of "Japanese Culture Exchange Lecture" on that day.



Have you ever heard of "年賀状" or Japanese New Year cards?

Have you had a chance to see Japanese New Year cards before?

Have you ever tried making a Japanese New Year card?


💌 In this gathering, you can look forward to:

Making an original Japanese New Year cards (年賀状)

Practicing your Japanese language skills in a friendly environment


🍶 During our virtual drinking party, you'll have the chance to:

Raise your glass (or your favorite beverage) and toast to a fantastic New Year.

Share your cultural and new year resolutions.

Practice your Japanese language skills with attendees from around the world.


What you need to Prepare:

  • Your New Year card (or a description of your country's New Year tradition)
  • Your favorite Japanese drink or any beverage of your choice for the virtual toast
  • Extra Preparation (if you want to make your own 年賀状 with us):
    • blank postcard or a white card ([3.9 x 5.8 inches (100 x 148 mm))
    • Writing or drawing utensils
    • Stamps or stickers

🎟️ Registration is simple and completely FREE! Just click the link below to reserve your spot in advance. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to join us on this cultural and New Year celebration virtual drinking party journey together!

RSVP now at https://forms.gle/YKHaDmj6YApR8Vde8

You can also attend directly on the day.

See you there! 🎉




您加入我起来制作日本新年 。您还可以分享您国家的新年卡,并新年干杯!在制作新年 卡后,我们还举办一个在线聚会



📅 日期:20231227

时间:10:00 am – 10:45 am

18:30 pm – 19:15 pm


🌐 请在当天访问"日本文化交流讲座"的沟通室。







💌 次聚会中,您可以期待:




🍶 在我在线聚会中,您将有机会:

起您的杯子(或您最喜的日本料), 美好的新年干杯。









空白明信片或白卡片([3.9 x 5.8 英寸(100 x 148 毫米))




🎟️ 注册简单且完全免!只需点下面的 接提前预订您的位置。别错过这佳的机会!










📅 日付:20231227

時間: 10:00 am – 10:45 am

18:30 pm – 19:15 pm

🌐 興味がある方、当日は「日本文化交流講座」のコミュニケーションルームにアクセスしてください。







💌 このイベントでは、以下のことをします。




🍶 バーチャル飲み会では、以下ができます:









空白のポストカードまたは白いカード([3.9 x 5.8 インチ(100 x 148 mm))




🎟️ 参加登録は簡単で完全に無料です!前もってあなたのスポットを確保するために、以下のリンクをクリックしてください。

今すぐRSVPして https://forms.gle/YKHaDmj6YApR8Vde8


ではそこでお会いしましょう! 🎉

※There is no live lecture in the exam week and winter vacation week. 请注意考试周和寒假期间无直播课 Không có Giờ Học Live trong tuần ôn thi và tuần nghỉ đông テスト期間と冬休み期間にはライブ授業がありません。

by 運営 AOJ e-campus -

Dear Students,


During the exam week and winter vacation week, there are no live lectures from December 18 to December 31. Please prepare your Mid-term exam and enjoy your vacation!

The video lectures can still be accessed 24 hours every day. You can preview and review the courses.

The next live lecture after the midterm exam and winter vacation is January 3, 2024.


Từ 18/12 đến 31/12, do nằm trong tuần ôn thi và tuần nghỉ đông, nên sẽ không có Giờ Học Live.

Bạn hãy ôn tập chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi giữa kỳ và tận hưởng kỳ nghỉ hè sau đó!

Các video bài giảng vẫn có thể truy cập 24/24 hàng ngày, bạn có thể xem trước và xem lại các khóa học.

Giờ Học Live tiếp theo sau kì thi giữa kì và kì nghỉ đông là ngày 3/1, 2024.












AOJ Language School

Midterm Examination 期中考试 Kiểm tra giữa kỳ 中間テスト: December 17, 2023 00:00 ― December 21, 2023 23:59(Japan time)日本時間 12月17日-12月21日

by 運営 AOJ e-campus -

Dear students,

How is your Japanese study going?

The midterm examination for Fall Semester will come soon! Please try your best to review the video lectures and live lectures recording to prepare for it!

The exam is optional, however the students who wish to obtain a certificate from the school in the future must take the exam.



Kỳ thi giữa kỳ học kỳ mùa thu đang đến gần! Hãy cố gắng hết sức để xem lại các video bài giảng và ghi âm bài giảng trực tiếp để chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi.

Bài kiểm tra này là tùy chọn, nhưng bạn phải làm bài kiểm tra này nếu muốn lấy chứng chỉ của trường trong tương lai.



Important 重要!
Midterm exam: December 17, 2023  00:00 ― December 21, 2023  23:59
Japan time

Time: 60 minutes    

No Breaks

AccessOnce (If you quit in the middle, you cannot access to the exam again.)
Please prepare the headphone or earplug for the audio and video questions.

Please check your local time for the exam!

期中考时间20231217 00:00 ― 1221 23:59 (日本时间
试时长1  中途不可休息  试链接只能使用一次


Kiểm tra giữa kỳ: từ 00:00 ngày 17/12/2023 đến 23:59 21/12/2023 (giờ Nhật Bản)

Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút Không thể dừng giữa chừng (chỉ có thể truy cập 1 lần)

Chỉ có thể kiểm tra nội dung và kết quả bài kiểm tra sau thi trong khoảng thời gian quy định.


中間テスト:2023年 12月17日 0:0012月21日 23:59 (日本時間)
受験時間:60分  中断不可  アクセス 1回のみ


Attain Online Japanese Language School


Kanji Learning Resource 漢字学習コース Khóa học Học chữ Hán

by 運営 AOJ e-campus -

Dear Students,


We want to remind you about our Kanji Learning Resource courses, which can help you master Japanese kanji and prepare for the JLPT exam.


The courses are available for different levels, including N5, N4, and N3, and are offered with English and some are in Vietnamese subtitles. These courses are supplementary, and they can provide you with an extra edge in your language learning journey.


We highly recommend that you take advantage of these courses, especially if you want to improve your proficiency in Japanese. You can access them via the links below:


N5 Kanji (English Subtitle): https://aoj-ls.jp/campus/course/view.php?id=48

N4 Kanji (English Subtitle): https://aoj-ls.jp/campus/course/view.php?id=49

N3 Kanji (English Subtitle): https://aoj-ls.jp/campus/course/view.php?id=104

N5 Kanji (Vietnamese subtitle) https://aoj-ls.jp/campus/course/view.php?id=74


We wish you all the best in your language learning journey and hope that these resources can help you in your studies.




AOJ Language School


Kính gi quý hc viên,


Chúng tôi xin nhc li vi các bn v khóa hc b tr ch Hán cho các cp đ khác nhau.


Nếu bn đang chun b cho kỳ thi JLPT hoc mun nm vng ch Hán tiếng Nht, các khóa hc này rt hu ích cho bn. Hãy tn dng chúng!


Các khóa hc bao gm:


N5 Kanji (Ph đ tiếng Anh): https://aoj-ls.jp/campus/course/view.php?id=48

N4 Kanji (Ph đ tiếng Anh): https://aoj-ls.jp/campus/course/view.php?id=49

N3 Kanji (Ph đ tiếng Anh): https://aoj-ls.jp/campus/course/view.php?id=104

N5 Kanji (Ph đ tiếng Vit): https://aoj-ls.jp/campus/course/view.php?id=74

Hi vng thông tin này sẽ giúp ích cho bn.


Chúc bn hc tt tiếng Nht!


Trân trng,


Trường Ngôn ng AOJ

Useful Information about JLPT

by 運営 AOJ e-campus -

Dear students,


As you may have known, JLPT certificates offer various advantages, ranging from recognition as academic credit and graduation certification at schools to preferential treatment at companies and acknowledgement of qualification in society.


 If you would like to obtain the official certificate from JLPT, you need to register the exam by yourself, and take the exam at the host institution in your country.


Different countries start registration process at different time. Please check JLPT official website to see your country’s information.



Outside Japan, the test may be held only in July or December in some cities.


 On AOJ e-campus, there are mock exams for each JLPT level in our supplementary courses to help you to practice JLPT. You can also ask your teacher questions. Besides making use of AOJ courses, we also recommend to practice Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Official Practice Workbooks and do more listening or reading exercise with other learning materials.


※This is just information for those who are interested into JLPT. AOJ Language school doesn’t require you to take JLPT. You don’t have to take the exam if you are not interested in JLPT. 


 Hope this information could help you!  Enjoy Japanese Learning!


AOJ Language School

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